Soldiers Of the Month

With start from the end of April we will announce The Best Players Of The Month on the first page of our website. We will rank different categories. Those who have come to the first ranks of the following categories will be published:

Kills, Ratio, Headshots, Knifings, Sniper kills, Awards, with saves.
To be on the first page of the ration, you should be among the first 10 players who played on the server in a timely and temporal context.
Furthermore, we will post a section on the website where you can see the top 10 players in the above categories. There is also the first 10 players in terms of timing when it comes to ration.

That we have set a rule for the 10 that played the most on the server is because it should be about game skill and not about luck. We hope you find this set-up as a fun little competition against both others and yourself. May the best man end up on the top...



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